Meet Sandi…

Sandi Jacobson, Doula We all come to this profession for various reasons. My three births were all very different and highly emotional experiences in their own way. They were the motivational factor in my interest to become a doula. I have been honored to be at many family members’ and dear friends’ births, and each one has impacted my thoughts and beliefs in birth and how it forms us as women for a lifetime. Although I had not yet been formally trained as a doula early on I understood the need to be supported during labor and birth. Birth was my calling.

As a Birth and Postpartum Doula I attend home and hospital births. I completed my doula training (BirthWise™) at Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts. I am a certified massage practitioner and practice aromatherapy, Reiki and a variety of bodywork modalities. All of these modalities complement labor support, address pain–coping techniques and help with overall comfort during pregnancy, labor and birth.

In addition to my BirthWise Doula training I recently (Dec. 2015) attended the Cornerstone Doula training for Postpartum Doula Care which adds to my certification as a Postpartum Doula. I am now pleased to offer compassionate support and care to families to ensure a strong start for this tender postpartum window of time.

When I began my work as a doula I wanted to be able to provide the highest level of care, support and experience. After attending several births I realized the more comprehensive my education was, the better I could achieve my goals in providing the best care to my clients. My desire to continually expand my knowledge lead me to attended the Birthing From Within Childbirth and Mentoring program. This program is based upon childbirth as a hero’s journey, rite of passage and the process of self–awareness and self–discovery. This certification allows me to offer my clients private or small group Childbirth Education classes that will best serve their personal needs. This method encourages us to engage with you rather than adhering to a ridged set of guidelines. There is no plan in birth, just like life it happens! This is the foundation of my work!

Trainings include:

  • BirthWise Doula training and certification program
  • Birthing From Within–Childbirth Education & Mentoring program
  • Birthing From Within–Birth Story Medicine training
  • Massage Practitioner certification from Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Cornerstone Midwifery–Postpartum Doula training
  • Enloe Hospital Compassionate Communication training
  • Enloe Hospital Grief and Bereavement training

Memberships include:

  • ICAN
  • BABI
  • Birth Network
  • The Doula Salon
  • Emerge Doula Circle
  • The Nesting Place